Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Proof98.6 Proof
Production NotesA true Straight Bourbon. Distilled in Indiana during a single production year. From mash bills containing 36% rye and 21% rye respectively. Aged more than 4 years in #3 char new American Oak barrels. Comingled and proofed to 49.3% ABV using pure, natural limestone Hummel Spring water. Never chill-filtered or treated in any way to diminish its complex taste.
Taste NotesA brown sugar sweetness to the nose with traces of cinnamon and caramel. At 98.6 proof, this bourbon rests with a soft, almost syrupy smoothness on the palate. The finish is of dried fruit, a hint of citrus and allspice. This is a bold bourbon, Best enjoyed neat, yet makes for an outstanding cocktail.

Contact your Local Distributor and Ask them to Carry Ghost Hollow Straight Bourbon Whiskey