Ghost Hollow Distillery Premium Distilled Spirits

Our Story

Two soldiers… A homecoming... And Granddad’s wine.

The idea for Ghost Hollow Spirits began long ago with a homecoming celebration for two servicemen, one who had been injured while serving our country.  That evening, the only thing that mattered was being in their presence and giving them the warm welcome back they deserved.

As everyone settled into their chairs, stories were passed around and memories were shared of those who were no longer with us.  For the occasion, our Granddad had made a batch of both his strawberry and blackberry wines.  He was a lifelong farmer whose warm smile and jugs of wine invited the quick offer up an empty glass.  Then there was our Uncle’s mysterious homebrew.  Let me tell you, a cold glass of that on a hot summer night could make a thirsty man smile.

Our ancestors taught us to work hard, have fun, and extend the invitation to gather around something to sip on.  They are long since gone, and the reunions are few, but the desire to honor their memory is what inspired us to create Ghost Hollow Spirits.   We were taught well how to ferment and have found favor in whiskey and white spirits.  We are constantly searching for that exceptional glass of whiskey, and with some reasonable guidance from one of the finest whiskey bars in downstate Illinois, our search continues.

Our family members in the military have made life in the United States of America wonderful and prosperous.  Our mission is to develop some of the best small-batch whiskies possible and to help provide for the men and women of our military, past, and present, by donating a portion of our proceeds.

Please drink responsibly & God Bless America.